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Freedom of assembly is at the heart of The Masters controversy.

A Sad Day At Augusta National

August 21, 2012 | by
Basil Beighey

This is a sad day for Augusta National, for men, and for personal freedom in America. The encroachment of women into “men only” clubs due to pressure from the “politically correct,” degrades everyone’s freedom of association. Society would like to think the sexes are equal. They are not. The sexes are “hard-wired” very differently. The very fact that women can’t understand why a man sometimes needs to “get away” from women for short periods of time is evidence of this difference. To deny either sex a safe and private refuge from the omnipresent sexual tension pervasive in all areas of public society is a sad and disturbing degradation of private property rights.

The key word here is “private.” Certainly, in public places, men and women should have equal access. But the right of private citizens to freely associate with other private citizens of their choosing on private property has always been respected but is now under vicious attack.

The history of Gentlemen’s Clubs goes back to 18th century Great Britain. Wikipedia defines them here. Men’s clubs have traditionally been sanctuaries for males wanting to associate with other males – “man caves” away from home. A male only club offers two main benefits. First, a club without women frees men from their prehistoric competitive instinct to compete for women, allowing them to relax. Free from this competitive instinct, men can form stronger, deeper friendship’s with other men based on mutual trust, honesty, and respect. Second, a club without women frees wives from any concern that husbands frequenting such clubs are spending time with other women.

Until this week, Augusta National, home of “The Masters Golf Tournament,” was a shining example of a private men’s only golf club. Unfortunately, due to public pressure, Augusta forfeited a golden opportunity to use their fame to define and defend, the tradition and the right of gentlemen everywhere to form “men’s only” clubs. It’s a sad day for men everywhere. Augusta had the resources and the pulpit to make a stand. Instead, they buckled, pandering for advertising dollars. Shame on Augusta National.

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Freedom of assembly is at the heart of The Masters controversy.
Freedom of assembly is at the heart of The Masters controversy.

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