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Basil Beighey Atlanta Area Marketing Professional

Movie Reviews ...

Sometimes you’ll watch a movie and a scene will inspire, entertain, educate, or otherwise affect you. Below are movie reviews containing scenes that I really like. Enjoy.


Rick Bades Ilsa Farewell

Rick Blain is a symbol for all men. Every man, at some point in his life, must make a choice between pragmatism and principle. Do we sell our soul and take the easy road, or do we sacrifice short term gain for something better – a greater good. Eventually, every man must decide which world he wants to live in.


The Worst Toilet In Scotland

Trainspotting is a brilliant dark comedy about drug addiction and recovery. “The Worst Toilet in Scotland” demonstrates satirically, more than any other scene, the lengths these characters will go to for a fix.

Wolfgang Plays Salieri’s March

“Wolfgang Plays Salieri’s March” is a showcase of the brilliant scene from the movie Amadeus when Wolfgang arrives at the court of Emperor Joseph and plays Salieri’s march from memory, improvising improvements along the way.

Apocalypse Now - Captain Willard Gets His Orders

Captain Willard Gets His Mission

Of all the scenes of the movie, the most powerful and the one that sticks with me the most is the opening scene – the tormented Captain Willard waiting for his mission.

The Trevi Fountain Scene

Every young man has had a night like this. A beautiful woman seduces him so completely that he loses all sense of proportion.

Author is Knighted

This great scene demonstrates an ingenious method for dealing with conflict when adversaries just won’t budge.

North Dallas Forty

Seeing Through the Game

Sometimes you watch a movie, and it’s not necessarily a great movie, but it has a great scene. Sometimes that scene stays with you for years. It might even change your life.

Vicky and Christina Meet Juan

If you’ve ever had problems meeting women, this clip demonstrates exactly the attitude you should have. It’s from the Woody Allen masterpiece, Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and I never get tired of watching it.