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Champion White Space

White space, as discussed here, is empty space. It is referred to as “white space” because in newspapers or magazines, empty space (space with no

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) sometimes called Paid Search offers great ROI

SEM is the King of ROI

As a veteran marketing professional, I’m not easily impressed by marketing tools and techniques. But my first, hands–on, SEM campaign amazed me.

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The US Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) regulate the money supply.

Beware of the Keynesians

Economists come in two breeds. One wants to understand the economy, the other wants to control the economy. The first strives for truth and knowledge,

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The Cult of Filemaker

I just attended the FileMaker Developers Conference 2016, and it was an odd event indeed. To understand this statement, it’s necessary to understand a little

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