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Vladimir Lenin with Joseph Stalin at the Kremlin in 1922

Post Election Blues

Like so many Americans, I’ve been sulking. I’ve got a bad case of post-election blues. Let me say up front that I’m a libertarian. I’ve

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Clean Your Plate?

I’m in the third week of a new diet. “Eating to Live” as outlined in Dr. Joel Fuhman’s bestseller “Eat to Live.” Dieting is always

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Technician in a Server Farm

The Future is in The Back End

Most of the hassle when collaborating with other information workers is encountered getting through firewalls. Most companies are so paranoid about security, that sharing files

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Extended family dinner from days gone bye, no children at the adult table.

What About Cheech?

Whenever I get together with my favorite cousin and the bourbon begins to flow, and we begin to reminisce about the family elders, one of

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