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Starbucks real product is a sense of community.

Starbucks is Lost

What does Starbucks really sell? That’s a question Starbucks has been trying to answer for a while now. Their coffee drinks are great, but lots

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Women use sexuality to gain unfair advantage in the workplace.

Dress Code Madness

Why do men and women dress differently at work? I sit at my desk and watch one woman after another parade by wearing sundresses with

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A 2/10 of one percent DNA variation make dogs very different from wolves.

Be the Wolf

“History is written by the winners.” Alex Haley Tweet The domestic dog is an extremely close relative of the gray wolf, differing from it by

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Halloween celebrations are very different from a generation ago.

Halloween Memories

OCTOBER 30, 2010 AT 3:46PM Things don’t always get better, sometimes they get worse. Take Halloween for example. Halloween is a shadow of the holiday

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The modern soldier is an army of one.

A Company of One

My favorite tech writer, Robert X. Cringely, once told me over a plate of kung pao chicken, that predicting the future was easy; the hard

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Auschwitz gate sign, work sets you free.

God Bless John Stossel

The libertarian canon seems self-evident and John Stossel explains it as well as anyone. Why don’t more people “get it?”

To protect all religions, we must truly separate church and state.

The Muslims Are Coming!

Michele Bachmann was in the news today claiming the Muslim Brotherhood has “infiltrated the highest levels of US government,” including