Freedom and responsibility are presently such radical ideas, Libertarians need to proceed slowly.

The Libertarians Need to Evolve

It’s unfortunate many Libertarians can’t speak of concepts such as liberty and constitutionality in terms of degree rather than in absolutes. Why can’t Libertarians be

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To protect all religions, we must truly separate church and state.

The Muslims Are Coming!

Michele Bachmann was in the news today claiming the Muslim Brotherhood has “infiltrated the highest levels of US government,” including the White House. Full article

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The Beetle was one of those rare products that was both simple to use and hard to break.

Give Me Robust Every Time

Everyone has a theory regarding the popularity and mystique of the original Volkswagen Beetle. Here’s mine. Sure the Beetle was

Anita Ekberg dribbles water on Marcello's head; she is life.

The Sweet Life

The film, La Dolce Vita, has rocketed into my top five films of all time. I’ve watched the film probably

Teenage boys are at a pivotal point in their lives.

15 Rules for Teenage Boys

Leaving childhood behind and entering manhood is not an easy transition for an adolescent male. Both your body and your

It's much easier to invent a new culture than to change an old one.

Can Companies Really Evolve?

Business pundits love to theorize that companies can somehow “morph” their product mixes and cultures to evolve and fit the

Owning a small business or family farm is the ultimate American Dream.

Our Perverse American Dream

Over the years, I’ve read so many perverse opinions regarding the meaning of “The American Dream,” I feel compelled to

Sports yield rewards commiserate with effort, skill, discipline, and preparation.

The Purity of Sport

Every day about 4:00 PM, I get an urge to hit a golf ball. Because the “pull” is so strong,